Free Bet Blackjack

Split and Double for Free in this Entertaining Blackjack Variant

Free Bet Blackjack first appeared in 2012 on the Las Vegas strip. Since then, the game has become a popular alternative to regular blackjack games.

The reason for this popularity is that players won’t have to risk any more money when splitting or doubling down. This can lead to a more aggressive approach to the game, knowing that there will be no extra outlay, but the potential still for those bigger wins.

Of course, the house still takes its ‘edge’. To balance all those free bets, the dealer does not bust on 22. Instead counting those hands as a push.

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Free Bet Blackjack Guide


How Free Bet Blackjack Works?

Free Bet Blackjack is mostly based on standard blackjack game play and rules. The aim of the game is the game is to beat the dealer. You do this by either getting closer to 21, or by having a live hand when the dealer busts.  This game pays 3:2 on Blackjack (avoid any live casino games paying 6:5), which is standard, is played with six decks and sees the dealer hit on soft 17s.

Free Bet Blackjack Guide

Player Advantages in Free Bet Blackjack

In Free Bet Blackjack you get to enjoy ‘free’ doubles when your two-card total is 9, 10 or 11.

In this case, the word ‘free’ means that you won’t be doubling your stake in taking this option, the double down part is free. At the end of the hand, if you are unlucky enough to lose, you will only lose your initial stake. If the hand is a push, you will receive your original stake back. If you win, you will receive your original wager back, as well as winnings equal to double that wager.

You will also enjoy ‘free’ splits on all cards except 10s. On splitting, the players two cards are divided into two one-card hands. The original wager is placed by the first hand, with a free bet button is placed by the second hand. For each winning hand, you’ll be paid out based on the original wager. The maximum risk, however, is just your original wager, as all additional splits are free.

22 Pushes: Disadvantages in Free Bet Blackjack

While it has all been good news up until now, there is a trade-off for these free bets. The dealer will push with a total of 22.

If the player has a total of 21 or less and the dealer busts with an exact total of 22, the player’s bet is considered a push. In standard blackjack, any time the dealer has 22 and the player has a total of less of than 21, the player would win.

Strategy for Free Bet Blackjack

Due to the advantages you have in playing this game, the strategy plays out a little differently from a standard game. The series of ‘free’ plays you can make in doubling down and splitting, players can make these moves more frequently than usual. A good example is when the dealer has a total of 10 or 11 in a standard game. When this is the case, doubling down is not advisable. However, with the free bet effectively, you should consider doubling in this case.

You will also want to split on all pairs in this game. The only exception should be 5-5, as totaling 10, you should double down in this case. When you have two ten value cards, you should simply stand, as you would in any classic blackjack game.

Can’t Lose More than Your Initial Bet

One of the big advantages of Free Bet Blackjack is that players can approach each hand with the confidence that the biggest loss will be your initial stake. In standard blackjack, there could be hands where, if you are really unlucky, you could lose several times your stake. For example, splitting and doubling (or even resplitting), then seeing the dealer hit 21.

In this variant, it makes bankroll management easier, as you will know exactly how many hands you can play.

Where Can I Play Free Bet Blackjack Online?

Free Bet Blackjack is a popular game at Live Dealer casinos online. Just as the game quickly took off when it hit the Vegas Strip, online players have taken to this game quickly.

Live Dealer Casinos have been a big boost to both the gaming industry and for players. The streaming technology today allows for players to enjoy the live casino experience direct from whichever device they are using. These live dealer sites allow for interaction with both the friendly and welcoming dealers, as well as other players. With real cards in play, this is as close as you can get to the real thing. There is no better way to enjoy this exciting blackjack variant.

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