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Real Money Virtual Horse Racing Games OnlineThere is nothing more enjoyable than a day at the races and an integral part of the enjoyment is placing that bet and cheering your selected horse on to the finish line. Virtual Horse Racing allows you to have the same experience from the comfort of your own home, with a wide range of betting options and a lot of 'form' information available about every horse in each race. The best thing about these games is that they can never be called off due to bad weather!

This article covers Virtual Horse racing for real money. You'll find where to find these games, how they work and (importantly) how you might go about making your selection on each of the races. The best virtual horse racing can be found at the awesome Unibet sportsbook and casino -

Betting Options in Virtual Racing

When entering Virtual Horse Racing you’ll be presented with a screen showing a total of 8 horses down the left hand panel of the screen. To the right you’ll find the betting screen. The default screen is the Win/E/W screen where you’ll place the standard bets. You’ll choose a stake by clicking on the plus and minus buttons next to the horse name and this will automatically be placed on a ‘win’ bet, which will be paid out at the listed odds – the screen will also show your potential return. However you’ll also find radio buttons on the right hand side where you’ll be able to change the win bet to either an Each Way bet or a lay bet. An each way bet sees you place both a win bet and a place bet, costing you double your initial stake, but should the horse finish in the first 3 you’ll guarantee yourself a return. The ‘lay’ bet is basically a bet on the horse not to win – these paying out at very small odds.

You’ll also find forecast and tricast betting options by clicking on the appropriate tab. A forecast requires you to select the first and second horses in order (you can click on the reverse button, so they can finish in either order, which will cost you double). A tricast requires you to select the first, second and third in order. Both of these bets pay out at much higher odds than you’ll find when placing a win bet.

Selecting your Bets

At the top of the race screen you’ll see both the current weather and the going of the track, be that good, soft or firm. The going is an important piece of information and can certainly be used in aiding your selections. Next to each horse in the left hand panel is an ‘information’ button and clicking on this will show you a whole host of information about the horse. Firstly there is the form, which shows you the last 5 results of the horse. You’ll also find further information about the last 5 races, showing both the going and the jockey for each race. The bottom of the page shows the jockey and the trainer and their winning records as well as a speed rating for the horse. However, perhaps the most important section is the write-up which will give you a brief 2 or 3 line summary of the horse, detailing many aspects of the race. Having moved through all 8 horses you’ll be in a good position to make your selections.

The Race

When you’ve added your bets you’ll see the ‘race’ option appear. Click this and you’ll now be taken to the track and it has to be said that the graphics here are excellent. The 8 horses all appear in the starting stalls and then the race begins. Most of the race takes place from the view of a camera from the side of the track but at various points you’ll find different camera angles of the race. All the while, a commentator describes the action on the screen, telling you exactly where each numbered horse is. Below the action you’ll find two helpful guides. Firstly you’ll find all of the 8 numbers in race order so you’ll know exactly where your chosen horse stands and secondly a marker moves along a line so you’ll know exactly how far there is to the finish line. At the end of the race you’ll see a photo of the winner crossing the finish line and then your account will be automatically updated with any winning amounts.

Virtual Horse Racing Overview

Virtual Horse Racing can be played at the Unibet online casino and is as close to the real thing as you can possibly get. The sheer range of betting options is impressive and the game has some nice added depth when making your selections, making it perfect for both those choosing names alone and those who want to spend some time studying a race before making a selection. The excellent graphics during the race are the highlight of the game and having played it once, you’ll certainly be returning for another game.

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