Untamed Slots from MicroGaming

The 'Untamed' Slot Series from MicroGaming Take Production (and Nature!) to a New Level

Untamed Slots from MicroGaming - ReviewFans of beautifully produced slots will find a lot to like about the Untamed series of slots from MicroGaming. Each is themed on a wild animal, in an equally wild setting. With a depth of game-play to match, there is no wonder these are popular titles. The series features four games in total – Untamed Giant Panda, Untamed Wolf Pack, Untamed Crowned Eagle and Untamed Bengal Tiger. The series is an interesting one, as each of the four games plays out in a very similar way in the base game, but offers up unique twists on the main feature.

This guide to the Untamed series starts with a look how the base game of all four slots works. Each of the games features a brilliant and unique gamble-after-win feature. A look at the four distinct bonus features follows, before the design of the games is discussed. This guide ends with an overview of the Untamed series.

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How the Untamed Slots Work

Each of the four games plays out on the very popular 5x3 reel configuration. Instead of the usual win lines in play, these games all utilise the all-ways winning system. This system ensures that you’ll win when landing symbols on consecutive reels from left to right, wherever the symbols land on the reels. This system gives the player 243 ways to win at every spin, which come at the total cost of 30 credits.

Aside from the wild and the scatter in each game, the standard paying symbols are divided into two groups. First, you’ll find four themed symbols on the reels of each game. For example, in Untamed Wolf Pack you’ll find a close-up of a wolf, a pack of three young wolves, a pair of deer standing by a lake and a green, mountainous scene.

At the lower end of the pay scale, there are five playing card characters – 10, J, Q, K and A. To keep the game simple, you’ll win when you land three or more in a row of all symbols.

Untamed Slots Wild Symbols and ‘Collect a Wild’

In each of the four Untamed games you’ll find the wild symbol represented by the title of the game. This wild can appear on all five reels and will substitute for every other symbol apart from the scatter. Below each of the reels you’ll find a small meter which will begin with four empty slots. Every time a wild lands on a reel, one of the slots below that reel will now fill. Fill all four slots beneath any of the reels and the reel will now turn completely wild for the next four spins. This can be a real money spinner, especially if you achieve this on one of the left-hand reels.

Untamed Slots Wild Collect FeaturesUntamed Slots Gamble Feature

Play on most online slots with a gamble feature and you’ll usually have the chance to double up, almost always based on the turn of a playing card. The gamble feature in this series is much more interesting.

You’ll enter a screen showing the globe with a red pointer. The globe is divided into red and green segments. If the pointer lands in the green segment you’ll win, if it lands in the red segment you’ll lose. The larger you make the green segment, the smaller your win will be. The smaller the green segment, the larger your win will be. For example, if you enjoy an original win of £1.50, a huge green segment (with a tiny amount of red) will only increase your win to £1.57. If the green and red segments are equal, the original win will be doubled to £3.00. Make the green segment tiny and the red segment huge and you can increase the original £1.50 to £30! You’ll now hit spin and hope you land in the green. If you land in the red, the gamble is lost!

Untamed Slots Bonus Features

The bonus symbol in each of the four games is represented by an oversize eye from the central creature of each slot. You’ll need to land three, four of five bonus symbols across any of the reels to enter the bonus, as well as land an immediate cash prize. Each of the games features a ‘Lucky Nudge’ system. If a bonus symbol lands directly above or below the reels you’ll see the top or bottom of the symbol sneakily showing (remember they are oversized). If you already have two bonus symbols on the reels you might receive the ‘Lucky Nudge’ which will see the third bonus symbol move up or down onto the reels.

Each of the four free spins bonus rounds plays slightly differently:

Untamed Giant Panda – You’ll enjoy 10 free spins with brilliant wilds. This will see any wild symbols stick to the reels in place for every subsequent spin. By the end of the feature you’ll have many wilds on the reels, offering the chance for big wins.

Untamed Wolf Pack – You’ll enjoy 10 free spins with running wilds. Each free spin will see the wild stacks grow by 1 per reel. The final spins will see the likelihood of wilds on the reels increase greatly.

Untamed Crowned Eagle – You’ll enjoy 10 free spins with soaring wilds. Every time you land a win a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x will be applied to the win.

Untamed Bengal Tiger – You’ll enjoy 20 free spins with trailing wilds. Any time a wild lands on the top of a reel, this will trail and turn the symbol below wild for the next spin. The following spin will see it trail again to fill the whole reel with wilds.

Untamed Slots Tiger EyesWild and Beautiful: Untamed Slots Design

Each of the four games is framed by brilliant scenery, including impressive jungle scenes and an impressive mountain range. Look closely at the scene behind and you’ll see impressive animation as the trees move in the wind (with only mountains, there is no animation in Untamed Crowned Eagle). The symbols are designed in an impressive photographic style, despite not being actual images of the wildlife. The soundtrack to each game is slightly different, although each gives the same atmospheric feel, despite the low tempo of the tracks.

Where to Try the Untamed Slots

The Untamed series of slots should certainly feature on your list of ‘must plays’. The all-ways winning system in each of the games is sure to appeal to many, while the gamble feature brings a whole new dimension to slot gaming. Land three of those oversized bonus symbols (with or without the help of a nudge) and you’ll enter the free spins bonus round. The four different bonus features add a nice level of variety to the games – pick your favorite and stick to that one, or move around the four. Whichever way you choose to pay, the Untamed series offer high quality, original and innovative gameplay.

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Play Untamed Slots at 32Red

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