Star Slots from Arrows Edge Gaming

In a Galaxy Reasonably Far Away… You’ll Find a Slot Game with Many Obvious References!

You have to hand it to Arrows Edge. To cram this many obvious references to a well-known movie franchise into a slot without impinging on any trademarks was no mean feat. You’ll find a circular space station, clean cut hero, trainer / master with a brown robe and white beard – and some aliens (including one with a red face) on the reels. When you look at the pay table, you’ll find all the characters have names… though knowing them is not necessary to enjoy the game.

There are 3 features to note. The most regular involves spinning wilds, which can triple your wins at times. There is also a free spins bonus game, and a multi-level picks game. That final game involves training, fighting villains – and space wars!

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May the Slot Setup Be with You

While the look of the reels is futuristic, with planets and glowing stars behind, the setup is standard. There are 20 win-lines on this game, which you can toggle up and down. Bets are in increments of just 20c. As with all Arrows Edge slots, it is possible to put this bet amount very high. Wins start at just 2 from the left for the top symbols, while most require the usual 3.

There is a gamble after win feature, which feels like a bit of a throwback to an earlier age of slot gaming. This lets you choose a character (a good guy or an alien), then flips a coin – giving you a 50 / 50 shot at doubling up or losing your win.

Auto-play is also offered, letting you select up to 50 spins in increments of 5.

Regular Wins: Heroes, Villains and Space Ships

Not too many slots individually name all their symbols – people and aliens alike. The people are special symbols, triggering spinning wilds, bonuses and free spins.

For regular wins, a white bear type alien tops the tree. This creature goes by the name of Bubba, and is worth 1000 coins for 5 of a kind. Next comes a red-faced alien with an evil look (sound familiar?). This one is called Krobont and is worth 300 coins – a sum shared with a robot called ‘Mercenary’ (or maybe described as Mercenary would be more accurate). Two more aliens make up the highest tier of symbols.

Next are a mix of space themed symbols. These are the filler symbols. I’m always pleased to see a slot which does not resort to the use of playing cards. There is a gun, two different space ships and a white and blue planet, complete with a ring.

Star Slots Reels - Not a Star Wars Slot!

Lance and the Spinning Wild Feature

Lance is the hero of ‘Star Slots’. He is clean cut and wholesome, and is also a wild symbol. When you win with Lance, you can get a multiplier of up to 3x on your win. You go to a new screen which shows a circular ‘space station’, which spins. You click to start and then again to stop this spin. You will be awarded a multiplier from 1x to 3x – which is then applied to your win.

While multipliers are welcome, this is way too frequent to need 3 clicks from the player. My one reservation about this slot is the constant interruption from this wild. It would have been very easy to make this a smaller (pop out) animation on the reels, and make it happen without needing to click 3 times – if at all!

Spin the Space Station to Determine Your Free Spins

Crystaley, a lady with a gem in the middle of her forehead, is also a special symbol. You need to hit 3 of them to trigger the free spins bonus game. You will not find out how many free spins you won until you spin the ‘space station’. This is the same one for the Lance wild wins. You can get 10, 20 or 30 free spins.

There is no difference in game play during the free spins. The only difference I could spot is that the background music changes from a synth tune to one based on a slow guitar riff. You’ll get a pop-up message telling you how much you won at the end.

Star Slots Bonus GameComplex Picks Bonus – With 3 Levels

Tobias, whose second name may or may not be Kenobi, is the bonus symbol. Once again, 3 are needed to trigger the bonus. This is called the ‘Training Bonus’, and the master will train Lance to fight the bad guys and save the galaxy… hmmm, that does sound familiar!

The first scene is inside a space ship, where you get a first-person perspective of Lance. He has to pick from one of 6 glowing orbs. Some reveal cash prizes, and others reveal villains to fight. You can collect a prize or choose again. If you choose again and get a villain, you only get half of the previously shown amount.

Next you get a fight scene! Your only involvement is to pick a villain, though this is still an entertaining game. Finally, the best part of all. You get to shoot space ships in your own first-person space battle! The nose of the space ship you sit in looks like it should have the letter ‘X’ in the name in just one more reference to that famous series of Star Slot movies!

Spectacular Space Wars Design

Behind the reels you will see a planet and space scene, with another blue / green planet in the background. The frame of the reels is dark grey metal, with lights which will blink on and off while you play. Overall, the reels have a crowded feel. A lot of the symbols are detailed, though the shading makes it easy to see if you have wins.

Bubba is my favourite symbol / character. He will roar in a very familiar sounding way when you win with him. Other animations are good, including the way too frequent spinning wild. The best effects are saved for the space battle at the end of the picks game.

Will the Force Be Strong Enough to Get You Big Wins?

I have mixed feelings about this slot. There is a lot to like, and the clever theme is full of movie references. On the other hand, those spinning wilds, with 3 clicks needed each time, do interrupt a lot. I just can’t see people putting up with that for a longer session.

On balance, I’d recommend a single session on Star Slots. Check out the entertaining bonus games, see how you enjoy the general game play – and take a shot at one of the random jackpots. You can then decide for yourself whether that wild issue is enough to stop you going back, or just a part of the game.

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