Mad Road Slot from Arrows Edge Gaming

This Online Slot Reminds me of the Mad Max Movie Franchise

Arrows Edge have some games in their portfolio which are ‘influenced by’. An example would be ‘Star Slots’. While (to the best of my knowledge) no Mad Max slot exists, this game – Mad Road – has a look and feel that is heavily influenced by that movie.

Clues are too numerous to count. How about the post-apocalyptic desert with twisted buildings of a ruined city in the background? Maybe the custom trucks, designed with all kinds of sinister additions. The guy with a gun hosting the game, and the ‘punk’ style lady on the reels?? This list could go on, as you will see when you play this entertaining slot.

There are two elements of the game play which make this slot worth a try. First, wins will explode (after you get paid), allowing for more symbols and more wins to fill the gap. Second, there is a driving bonus game, where you see how far you can get down the Mad Road.

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Exploding Wins and Big Multipliers: Mad Road Slot Setup

In a touch that would be welcome in any Mad Max movie, your wins will explode! This is frequent, with any 3+ symbols from the left on one of the 15 win-lines disappearing in a red fireball. What happens is that new symbols fall in from above (the ones still on the reels drop). If any more wins are possible, they will also explode – repeating the process.

Each win in turn gets a better multiplier. You will see these on the top right of the reels. 6x is possible with enough explosions.

There are only 15 win-lines on this slot – with the standard 5x3 setup in place. Bets start at 2c per line, or 30c per spin. These bets go all the way to $240 per spin for the high rollers out there. There are two additional options. Auto-play, which lets you sit back and enjoy the game without clicking – and double up, which lets you choose one of the two main characters after a win for the 50 / 50 gamble.

Mad Road (Mad Max Style Slot)

Regular Wins on the Mad Road Slot

Two characters tie in with the theme, though these are special (wild and bonus) symbols, rather than regular winning ones. The lady will replace regular winning symbols to help make more wins, with the exception of the guy (Billy). He is the bonus symbol, with 3 required to start the driving feature.

I had a bit of trouble working out what the highest paying symbol represents. It is certainly distinctive. At first it looks like a bad guy in a mask. On closer inspection it could be a well-armoured truck, or even a base! Whatever it is, you’ll get 2,000 coins for 5 of a kind.

Billy’s car comes next. This is worth 1,000 coins for 5, followed by a dog at 500 coins. There are no playing card / filler symbols on this game. Instead the lower paying symbols are a barrel of gas, a shotgun, tyres and an armoured truck.

Scatters and the Mad Road Bonus Feature

Hit 3 of the Billy scatters anywhere in view, and you’ll hit the road through the desert. The idea of this game is to see how far along the road you can get. You take the perspective of a driver inside a car. I’m not quite sure how you steer, as there are no arms on the steering wheel!

As you drive you’ll come across points with 4 diamond shaped yellow signs in the road. Each time you stop you pick one. It will reveal one of three things:

  • A cash prize
  • A Multiplier
  • A Gas Pump

The game keeps repeating this sequence. Eventually you’ll run out of gas, unless you top up again with a gas symbol. Once you do run out (it goes amber, and then red), you’ll collect what you have won so far. Big wins are possible, though after the first couple of bonuses, you’ll find that the game play is limited.

Not the Mad Max Slot (Honest!)

Fast and Furious Design Elements

Two factors caught my eye with this slot. First, the background is excellent. The twisted metal of ruined buildings, the avatar hosting the game for you and even the barbed wire on top of the reels all add to the Mad Max style atmosphere. Second, those explosions work well. Here you could be on the way to several wins in a row – so when things suddenly become red fireballs, you’ll usually be happy to see it.

There is a heavy guitar riff while you play, which is backed by those explosions and revving sound effects. Symbols are detailed, though as is the case of the top paying one, it is not always clear what the designers were trying to do. There are animations for wins before they explode.

Will the Mad Road Slot be Right Up Your Street?

I’d love to see a proper Mad Max slot. This would work brilliantly as one of those huge, spectacular Vegas casino style games – like the Walking Dead from Aristocrat.

In the meantime, you can enjoy an ‘influenced by’ game from Arrows Edge instead. Mad Road has enough going for it to be worth a spin – and the graphics / sounds are well enough produced too. Those exploding wins can give you multipliers of up to 6x in the base game. A few good cash prizes, some multipliers and extra gas to keep you driving down the road can make the feature a profitable one too.

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