Jurassic Park Slots Review

Jurassic Park and Jurassic World: Flagship Online Slots from MicroGaming

Two MicroGaming slots stand out from the rest in a big way. These are the visually stunning Jurassic Park, and the more recent Jurassic World games. Both are licensed from the blockbuster movies of the same name. You’ll find clips from those movies, characters from them on the reels and bonus games themed on the different scenes.

To say that these slots are visually impressive is an understatement – some of the dinosaur animations feel like they came right from the films!

This review combines the two slots into one page. I’ll take the older Jurassic Park online slot first, and explain the bonus features and unique scrolling scene technology. After that the more recent, and epic Jurassic World slot is covered.

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Jurassic Slots MicroGaming - Park Intro

MicroGaming’s Jurassic Park Slot

It is an almost shocking thought that the original Jurassic Park movie was released back in 1993. This online slot version from MicroGaming is much newer. When this came out, it was the first slot to use 3D scrolling of the background scenery. The reels are transparent, and it looks like you are moving through a prehistoric jungle while you play. This is even more effective when the ‘T-Rex’ bonus kicks in at random.

You’ll find plenty of dinosaurs, along with the main characters from the film as symbols on the reels. Things really get going is you hit 3 of the lumps of amber. These contain bugs, where the DNA for the recreated dinosaurs was found. Your fortunes will improve when you hit these – as you will trigger one of the impressive free spins bonus games.

T-Rex Bonus is Triggered at Random

Before I go into the free spins games, there is a bonus which kicks in while you are spinning normally in the base game. The first thing you will know about this is some thudding sounds and a shaking of the reels. Soon enough a huge T-Rex appears in front of the reels – complete with roaring sound effects. This looks amazing.

What is even more amazing is that this dinosaur leaves a bunch of wild symbols (which substitute for other symbols to create wins) on the reels. You then get 6 spins with the wilds in place. While you do have to pay for those spins, the chances of hitting wins goes up so high that it makes sense to do this.

Jurassic Park Slot Reels

Other Impressive Bonus Games in the Jurassic Park Slot (Free Spins)

There are 5 different free spins games, which are awarded at random. You will see an animation, where the DNA of one of the bugs gets tested in a lab. This shows which type of dinosaur the DNA came from – triggering a different round.

All of the games start off with 12 free spins. Each has a unique scene, different animations and extra ways to win money. As an extra, the dinosaur you pick each time will become stacked on the reels. This means that it appears in long strips – making it much more likely to cover entire reels.

#1 T-Rex Free Spins: The fiercest dinosaur of them all has quite a roar. When it appears as an animation in front of the reels, it can roar loud enough to make completely wild reels appear on the screen. If you are lucky enough to combine these with stacked symbols (or the regular wilds), you can hit a big win.

#2 Brachiosaurus: A more sedate dinosaur, and a more relaxed bonus. The different feature here is that wins can get randomly awarded multipliers. These are up to 6x what is on the pay table.

#3 Triceratops Free Spins: Wilds behave differently in this Jurassic Park slot bonus game. Whenever one appears on the reels, it will expand to cover the entire 3 rows. This is helped by having extra wilds added to the reels for each spin.

#4 Velociraptor Free Spins: In this bonus it is possible to get 6 of a kind wins. This happens thanks to the split wilds (these also make 5 of a kind wins more frequent). You get 2x the 5 of a kind amount for the 6 of a kind wins. There are also wilds which have multipliers in play.

#5 Dilophosaurus Free Spins: Wilds stay on the reels in this feature, until they are involved in a win. These wilds appear thanks to a small dinosaur that spits them onto the reels.

Jurassic Park: My Thoughts

Not many slots combine stunning graphics with a wide range of bonus games. I am sure you will quickly develop your favourites! The base game is good too, with plenty of wilds and an ‘all-ways’ winning system in play. Best of all, you can play for just 30c a spin and up from there.

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Play Jurassic Park at Unibet Casino


Jurassic World Online Slot

Once you have finished the 5 impressive bonus games of the original, you’ll be pleased to know that things get even more intense for the sequel – Jurassic World.

This blockbuster sequel involved a theme park full of dinosaurs… and well, what could possibly go wrong!!?

I like the fact that Jurassic World maintains a lot of the feel and atmosphere of the original. The graphics are even better! The bugs in amber are back, and still trigger bonus games. If you only get 2 of these, they will turn into extra wild symbols. This (along with the stacked ‘skeleton’ wilds, helps to create more wins in the base game.

Indominius Rex

Instead of the T-Rex random bonus, the gigantic Indominius makes random appearances. To say this is a good animation would be a complete understatement – you really should see it for yourself. You’ll be pleased when the giant dino arrives, as he brings a random multiplier for your current win with him. This can be anything up to 200 times your win, with 1000x your spin amount the maximum win.

New Options in the Jurassic World Slot

Creative New Free Spins Games

Those same bugs trigger the free spins, though these are set in scenes from the Jurassic World film – rather than based on individual dinosaurs. There are 3 in total. Your bonus will be awarded at random after seeing a map of the island where the park is set.

Creation Lab Bonus: This game is set in a lab where the dinosaurs are recreated. Special wild symbols appear, which freeze in place for 3 spins each. If you are lucky enough to get wilds on consecutive spins, this can help trigger some bigger wins. When you do win, the symbols disappear, with new ones coming in from above to fill the gaps. This is known as a ‘Rolling Wins’ system.

Raptors Den Bonus: This game feels very raptor-like, in that it keeps on multiplying! Scatters stick to the reels during play. They turn into wilds to create extra wins. When you get 3 of them, you’ll earn 5 more free spins (and the current scatters will disappear).

Gyrosphere Bonus: This is the most complex bonus, in terms of game-play (you only need to click to start it). You can accumulate win multipliers by not winning! Each losing spin sees the multiplier increase, with that boost given to the next win that appears. The best part of this bonus is that you can’t end the game on a losing spin. Ideally, you’ll hit 10 losing spins in a row at the end, followed by a big win!

Overview: How Does the Sequel Compare?

Often with films, the sequels are a let-down compared to the original… in this case that is not true. Jurassic World is as good visually, with plenty of scenes from the film and the new cast as symbols on the reels. What I like best about this new game is that the bonus features are more creative. Instead of just free spins + a new behaviour, the creators have conjured up some innovative slot play.

I love both slots, and can see many enjoyable sessions on both of them in my future.

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