Big Bang Slot Review

Review of the Big Bang Slot Game by Net Entertainment

Page Summary: This review is of a personal go-to slot game called ‘Big Bang’. This is a 5-reel video slot from NetEnt, available at the Unibet Casino. Compared to many this slot lacks features, only really having one idea. Fortunately that idea is to keep multiplying consecutive wins until they get to 32 times the amount shown on the paytable. I think you’ll love this game, here are the details:

When this NetEnt slot first loads up there are several things which strike you in quick succession. First the color and design. This is a sci-fi themed game, though in an abstract and arty way – rather than being hardcore aliens and lasers! The second thing is the theme tune, which is driven by a cool sounding bass riff with some electronic noises over the top.

As you move up the multipliers, by stringing together wins, the music and winning noises take on an ever increasing intensity level. By the time you are spinning for all wins multiplied by 32x things can feel pretty frantic. If you line up some wins at this level there is a big chance you will get the different tune and big blocky count-up graphics which hit when you get a big win.

review of NetEnt Big Bang Slot

How the big Bang Slot Works – Setup

The backbone of this game is a standard 5 reel video slot with 3 rows of symbols. These are either planet / star type symbols (they are all quite abstract), or playing card symbols which have been nicely designed to go with the theme.

There are 25 win-lines going from left to right, you’ll find them on the 4th page of the pay table information.

On the left hand side is a list of multipliers, these go 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x. Each time you win (in the usual way by getting 3+ symbols from the left hand side), a tab moves up for the next spin. If you win again the tab continues to the next multiplier, and all wins on that spin get this amount times what is shown on the pay table. If you get all the  way to 32x, then you’ll stay there as long as you keep winning. As soon as you get a spin with no wins then you return to 1x and start the process over.

To help you get some wins there is a wild symbol, these are not stacked though you’ll sometimes see several of them over different reels. There are no scatter, bonus or special symbols involved in this game – the focus really is on the increasing multipliers.

Payouts for NetEnt’s Big Bang Slot – How they Work

Now, 32x for every win on a 25 win-line slot can add up quickly – so there must be something involved in this game to balance that out.

This is the fact that initial wins at the 1x, 2x and 4x level are very small. The smallest (3 jacks) is just 2 coins (that’s 2c at the minimum 25c spin amount). Even with a wild and some of the colored planets at the lower levels you’ll normally be making a loss as you win.

Of course, this gets balanced out when you get to the top half of the multiplier ladder – with 8x wins of 100 coins or more being welcome, and bigger wins than that being extremely welcome. I like to keep myself involved in the game by mentally calculating what the bigger wins would have looked like at 32x as I move up the multipliers.

The biggest win is for the orange sun-like symbol, which is 1000 coins for 5 of a kind. This would be 32,000 coins at the top multiplier, and with a couple of well placed wild symbols you might even get more than one 5 of a kind from a single spin. With 700 coins for 5 of the yellow planet, 500 for 5x the green, 400 for the purple and 300 for the blue – there are plenty of opportunities to win big those times you do hit the upper levels.

Big Bang Slot – What Keeps me Going Back?

I generally prefer more complex and involved slots than this, though have found myself going back to Big Bang for at least 6 months on a regular basis. This is due to the quick peaks of excitement in the game play – especially as you hit the 16x and 32x levels. The game is straightforward enough to be relaxing and not require too much focus. At the same time when that ‘big win’ graphic hits you know you can end up with a significant windfall.

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