As The Reels Turn Slots Reviewed: Rival Gaming iSlots

A Mix of Online Slot and Soap Opera from the Flagship iSlots Range

As the Reels Turn SlotsThere are now 3 separate slots in the ‘As the Reels Turn’ series. These are iconic games, created by slot software house Rival Gaming. What is different from regular online slots is a progressive storyline.

As you play, a story unfolds, a little bit like a TV soap. There are characters that appear over again, sometimes clashing. You’ll see animated scenes and get to play new bonus games the further you get in the story. Each slot has 7 or so games to work through, and As the Reels Turn 2 and 3 continue the story from the first game.

The setting for this story is a the ‘Casino el Paradiso’. You’ll join the manager Matt, Chrissy, a Piranha fish called Ivan and several others as you advance from scene to scene.

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Soap Opera + Big Win Potential: Does it Work?

Behind the gimmicks, the 3 slots in this series are solid, enjoyable games. Potential for big wins is important – and you’ll have plenty of that with these games.

This review covers all 3 of the games. I’ll start with the game-play, and then give you a flavour of the different bonus games as your progress through the story. The explanation of how these slots work below is based on the original (As the Reels Turn Part #1). After that you will find info on how parts 2 and 3 move the story forward – with no spoilers of course!

As the Reels Turn Review - Rival Gaming

As the Reels Turn: Base Games Setup

All 3 games feature a 5 by 3 grid, with 15 win-lines. That is low compared to some of today’s slots, especially with all-ways being so popular. On the other hand, it does mean you get to bet more coins per line for the same total spin amount. This can make your wins bigger. Those win-lines are adjustable, though personally I find the max lines with smaller coins if needed makes slots more enjoyable.

The winning symbols do change from slot to slot. Some characters are added, and others leave. I leave it to you to find out which… no point spoiling the story before you even spin!

You might expect the people to be the biggest prize symbols. This is not the case. The Casino El Paradiso logo and the pile of money are the biggest prize symbols. These are worth 1000 coins for 5 of a kind.

Ivan - Star of the As The Reels Turn SlotsPiranha Fish Free Spins (Meet Ivan, the Star of the Show!)

Ivan the Piranha is a constant through the storyline – he is eventually joined by a cat in part 3. This fish also plays an important role in the games. If you get 3 or more anywhere on the reels, you’ll trigger 10 free spins. This bonus game is separate from the many ‘scene’ based bonuses which you progress through.

Good news is that this free spins game features a 3x multiplier on all your wins. There is nothing to stop you from triggering the scene bonus games while the free spins are running. You can also retrigger them for 10 more spins.

One final note on Ivan, he also comes with a scatter prize. This is based on your total bet, with up to 50x if you trigger this bonus with all 5 symbols.

Casino El Paradiso Progressive Storyline: Next Scene Symbols

To progress through the story, you need to hit 3 of more of the ‘next scene’ symbols. These trigger a clip, which moves the story forward. These are animated clips and can be lengthy (at least in slot terms). You can skip to the bonus game if you wish. Each clip comes with a unique picks type game. You might be picking costumes for the entertainer for example (this is one of the early games).

In addition to these scene + bonus combos, there are picks games for each stage of the slot. Here you need to hit bonus symbols. One of the first bonuses you will hit involves the casino manager, Matt, sorting fake chips from real ones.

You will be able to see your progress through the story on a special game map. This gives you an idea of how far you have to go before you head to the next slot and carry on with the drama!

As the Reels Turn 2 – Rex Appears in the Story (and he is not too pleasant!)

You’ll know by now that Matt was the manager of the Casino El Paradiso from part #1. In As the Reels Turn 2, a much tougher character appears in the form of Rex, the casino owner. He is not the only changing character. Again, I’ll be careful not to spoil the story, which has plenty of twists and turns.

Game Map: As The Reels Turn 1

As the Reels Turn 3 – Blinded by Love!

This game has a sub-title, which gives a big hint as to how the story will develop. This is ‘blinded by love’. One character (Matt) who was missing from part #2 now makes a return to the reels. Ivan the Piranha is now joined by a cat called Pampers. This feline appears in the free spins games and will add even better multipliers to any wins! Once again, you’ll have a story map. The big difference here is that the ‘Soap’ will head towards it’s conclusion. You won’t just be left hanging to find out what happens – you’ll enjoy bonus games all the way through.

Graphics and Sound Effects: A Little Dated; Still Very Enjoyable

As the Reels Turn were pioneering slots. Compared to the sharp and detailed graphics of todays game, they look a little retro now. The designs are smart, cartoons represent the characters and there are even some nice small animations on the reels. You should be clear that you are headed to these games for the progressive game-play, and not for the graphics.

Those animated sequences are fun, again, expect these to be plain and blocky. You’ll hear the ambient chattering of a casino floor while you spin the reels.

iSlots Summary: Is This a Story Worth Getting into?

There are two reasons you should check out the three As the Reels Turn slots.

First, this is a piece of online slot history. Rival Gaming did something completely different here with the progressive bonus games maps. It has been emulated since (think Avalon 2 from MicroGaming), though this was a pioneering piece of game design. If you love slots, you should check these games out for this reason alone.

Second, the story is funny, the characters endearing (particularly Ivan!), and the ‘what happens next’ feeling is fun once you get into it. The fact that there is a bonus game following each scene means you’ll be looking forward to these even more.

Standard slot gaming also applies, you can win big during the free spins game, with 3x wins courtesy of your favourite Piranha.

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