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You Will Not Even Realize I Have Gone!

Time for another winter break, and a timely one too – it hit -15 last weekend here in my adopted home of Budapest, Hungary.

This break has been planned for in advance – and with a long list of updates and improvements now in the capable hands of my colleague Gergely, you will not even know that I am gone! So Mark, where are you going? (I hear you all ask!).I’m off to Thailand and Australia for a month, a journey which starts today. Here is an outline of my itinerary (dates from memory, so might be off): -Wed 8th Arrive Bangkok, visiting father + his new wife. -Sun 12th Arrive Koh Samui, few days to refresh my diving skills (which have gone a little rusty!) -Fri 19th, Arrive Sydney, visiting my brother, 5 days to see area and hopefully climb the harbor bridge. -Tues 23rd, Road Trip to Brisbane… Winnebago hired and 5 days to drive up the east coast of Oz, seeking some adventure. -Mon 29th, To Cairns… after a couple of days to see Brisbane I’ll fly to Cairns, booked on a 3 day / 2 night dive trip on a live-aboard out on the great barrier reef! -Friday 4th, To Melbourne… visiting my cousin and his wife, hope to do some fishing and relaxing on a farm just outside of town. -Monday 7th, Blue Mountains… back to Sydney - plan on spending the last couple of days doing excursions, blue mountains + one other... -Thursday 8th, Back to London then 9th back to Budapest. Should be quite a trip. What I’m really happy about though, is that the pipeline of new material and improvements to this site and others around my network is not only full – it is packed! I have 3 articles a week prepared in English. 1 strategy piece, 1 info piece and 1 blog post / opinion piece… they are already written, and just need to be published. In addition I’ll be logging on and updating this blog with any travel stories and maybe a couple of pics as they happen, and of course rounding up any great promos which might appeal to SNG / MTT / Satellite fans. With even more articles ready for sites around my network, and translations being done into Russian, Hungarian, German and Romanian too there is no excuse not to come back at least twice a week in my absence - if not three times! On a serious note I’m really happy to have things continue. Last year when I went away at this time I meant to work… only never really got around to it. This time everything is ready beforehand, so extra writing while I am away will be an addition. Anyway, if anyone has any tips for side-trips in Australia – let me know now!

GL at the tables, Mark

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