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Vegas YouTube Channels: 3 New Picks for 2021

I find the £10 or so a month for YouTube Premium amazing value. Having no ads improves the experience for music, educational videos and (of course) the all-important Vegas updates.

There are a ton of established Las Vegas YouTube channels, many from Brits. I look forward to new material from Matt Bridger, the Furmage’s, WeWorkToVisitVegas, Em and Dean, BombsBits, L and C Travels, Begas Vaby, Ben Heath and many others later in the year.

With transatlantic travel not yet possible, the pickings have been scarce. There are Sin City Nerds, Hog and Two Cent, the Trooper, Jacobs Life in Vegas, and others are still providing entertainment on and off.

The idea behind this post is to highlight some other Vegas Vlogs.

You might already know them, though they are all relatively new to me.

No gambling content in my picks below. For this your best bet would be the slot Vloggers. Neily 777 and SD Guy are two very contrasting slot channels to check out the latest games on. There are also poker vloggers still active, with Brad Owen and some California-based players still regularly updating.


#1 – OneManOneCamera

This local pedals around Vegas – sometimes walking or checking out restaurants. Construction updates come regularly, going into detail on the progress for the big projects like Resorts World, the Convention Centre, and the Sphere.

What I like about this guy is that he is down to earth. Nothing showy in style, just look at some districts around the strip. If you concentrate, you’ll hear the occasional story too. He posts regularly, and covers some views / routes you would not normally see.


#2 – Pompsie

New to me, though already popular when I discovered this channel. This guy has razor sharp editing and pacing. The pro-level video comes with a young and friendly vibe. He stays in hotels on the strip, downtown and beyond. You get tours of neighbourhoods, casinos, and restaurants.

Stand out episodes include a recent stay in an incredible suite at the Cosmo. This was their way of apologising for banning him for filming last time he stayed.

I have a feeling this channel is just getting going….

#3 – This Vegas Paradise

A room reviews Vlog which has been around for a few years. His tours are well paced, informative and smoothly executed. Catch phrases include ‘a full-length mirror to check yourself out before hitting the Strip’ and more. The tours are now my go-to for comparing rooms… he has a lot of them.

Other TVP ‘Lounge’ videos with updates / news. There are also head-to-head comparisons, for example for the best luxury suite.

Here is an example of a tour… I just booked this room for my post-summer (hopeful!) return. Feeling confident that the travel restrictions will be over by then.

New Las Vegas Vlogs: Breaking Your ‘Suggestions’ Bubble

A final thought. YouTube is brilliant at giving you ‘more of the same’. This works for all my topics (chess, fuzzy music, economics etc). Sure, the occasional new band or Vegas Vlogger pops up, though many never appear on that crowded front page.

I’ve found it can pay to search, scroll a bunch, and dig around new channels more pro-actively. It only takes a few minutes to work out whether you will enjoy a new vlog. Who knows, we might uncover the next super-stars that way.

We cancelled a trip just as the pandemic broke last year, hoped to do it late summer 2020, nope... then had to give up on a big 'milestone' b-day bash at xmas, then most recently postponed the June trip to September…. Feeling optimistic this time... here is hoping to be drinking, gambling, fine dining and enjoying shows and great company before too long.

Good Luck at the Tables,



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