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Titan Poker Speed Holdem – Time To Fill Your Boots (+ A Couple Of Grumbles!)

Repeat after me: The new games are where the big profits are, the new games are where the big profits are, the… Alright, you got it by now. It works again and again, there is a few weeks after a new game comes out that all the recreational / fun players check  it out. A time before the ‘regulars’ have had time to fine tune their strategy, and the poker tools have not developed new displays to help fish-hunt. Those few profitable weeks have just started at Titan Poker, with the iPoker Network’s latest game – Speed Holdem. This is a pooled player game with the same premise as Zoom Poker, and while the beta has left me with a couple of grumbles – I think you will appreciate the extra profit potential (especially with my offer of $20 free cash on top of your deposit bonus (see end of post for that!)).

Titan Poker Zoom Equivalent – Speed Holdem – What Is Available?

At the moment you will only be able to play at the smaller limits, with 4 ‘pools’ available up to 10c / 20c blinds ($4 min, $20 max buy-ins). All the pools feature 6-max tables, with 3 no-limit and 1 pot-limit betting. When I played (afternoon) there were over 150 in the smallest pool and 50 in the biggest buy-in… The games look the same as standard Titan tables with the controls including the ‘Speed Fold’ option as below


I clicked in various combinations, though was not able to find a way to join a pool more than once. This could well be excellent news for recreational players. Over at Pokerstars the amateurs play 1 or 2 games while the pro-grinders play 4 (or more)… meaning there are proportionally more grinders in each hand with this system. Should be interesting to see how quickly Titan introduce more levels. Since they called this ‘Speed Holdem’ there is a question over whether Omaha will be included.

Titan Poker Zoom – My Initial Grumbles!

My grumbles are fairly minor – especially compared to the big potential profits from these games -though I wanted to add them here for completeness. Grumble #1: Show / Muck buttons… these appear after each hand. Now, call me a pedant, but why slow down a player with a choice of show / muck when there is nobody there to, erm, show to! When you raise and your opponents all fold they are gone, starting a new hand... yet the choice of show / muck the winning hand still appears for a couple of seconds to slow you down…. Now if you could click something and watch the end of a hand I could understand this – there *may* be someone to show to… but you can not do this (or at least I could not find a way to do it)… arrrggghhh. (Edit: thanks to the power of the interwebz, I found the 'muck all' button inside the table settings... this grumble is around half resolved then!) Grumble #2: No way to watch the end of a hand after you have folded… shame! Grumble #3: The ‘Speedy Fold’ button moves just as the player action hits you. It moves about 2 inches to the right, from a flat layout to the more ‘boxed shape’ betting-bar setup… I lost count of the number of times I missed this button as it moved. On the positive side here you can use the function keys instead for fold / call / raise.

Back To The Positives – How About $20 Extra Cash While You Try!

Over the next couple of weeks news of this game will spread. Every iPoker player will try it out for a session or two, and I would imagine lots of occasional poker players who stick to the sports betting side of the iPoker operators will pop over to see what all the fuss is about.

After this time some ‘regulars’ will settle in and the games will start to tighten up – becoming less profitable as the weeks go on. This is why I recommend SNG Planet readers head over now, have some fun with the new game and fill your bankrolls with the easy profits… I will even give new players $20 extra in cash while you check these games out. This is on top of your usual 200% to $2k max matched welcome bonus. I will ensure this is in your player account with 48 hours – all you need to do is deposit $30+ first time, and use bonus code SNGPLANET. Those Speed Holdem games will never be as profitable as they are right now – Check out Titan Poker for yourself and fill your boots!  titan-468-60-eng 

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