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Quick International Update.

Some international news today - triggered by a quick thought that the huge majority of our readers now come from non-English speaking (at least as a first language) countries. Maybe I should dedicate more time to international updates? Anyway... some good news: Today we upgraded to the new version for German SNG Planet - the new look and extra sub-mains for navigation was a great effort.

Planet Anna has been driving the project, and I personally spent much of the weekend just gone doing the related articles and useful links between them which were previously missing. We have 110 pages in total, you can see it here: Online Poker Turnier Strategie Next in line is Hungarian - Planet Laszlo just returned from holidays and is starting on that upgrade today - all being well (and not too many more urgent jobs appearing) this will be complete in around 1 week. Polish will follow, though there is a holiday interruption scheduled before we get this one live... that will just leave Romanian and French in the old version, I'll make a plan soon! Some Russian good news too... we had the $16 per Hour SNG Blueprint translated into Russian (great job from our translator / writer Vlad who went above and beyond, even creating some charts to explain some tricky concepts!). T

he initial takeup has been great - with almost 200 people signed up in the first few days and already some good feedback received! If you would like a copy then grab one at the Russian main page: Стратегия покера Сит энд Гоу, МТТ и сателлитов Finally, we had a member of the Poker Bonus Klub Network which was going in and out of the Google listings like a yo-yo, in the end we gave up trying to work out why and moved it to the same template as most of the other 'Klubs'. 

Looks great too... here it is Thats all the international news - oh except for the WCOOP article in Hungarian we put up today!

Working on an update to the Omaha Planet eBook at the mo, and the first of my 'Ultimate Guides' to be published here... will make a separate post on those when I'm ready to announce.

GL at the tables, Mark

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