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My Poker Strategy Content Is Going Deep

Some great new content to announce today – the first installment in a slightly new direction. The thing is SNG Planet already has 100’s of different strategy articles on topics related to SNGs, Tournaments and Satellites… you know the score by now! It is time for a change in approach, so from now on I’m going to take one topic at a time – and go deep!

First up is my Complete Guide To Steps SNGs. I believe this is the most detailed resource for Steps on all the key sites you will find anywhere. It includes comparisons, individual guides and strategy, all linked from one main article. Basic strategy is there which includes the differences in approach from standard SNGs, as well as an advanced article which covers ICM.  If you have not already discovered Steps, then a quick summary of the 3 main reasons to play them: Recreational opponents, recreational opponents and more recreational opponents. Oh and these SNGs make a great way to qualify for many of the online tournaments too – especially those sites which offer multiple ‘exit points’ (you'll need to read the guide to find out which one really stands out in this respect!) 

This is just the first “Complete Guide To…” I have a list in the trusty notepad and will be getting started on one which I think will be a fantastic resource for Multi-Table Tournament fans soon. Of course, any input on what you could like a complete guide for (or should that be ‘to’) would be welcome at the usual e-mail address.  In other news… international versions are coming along great – we now have the Hungarian version of the site up with the latest design, Magyars can see it here: Online póker versenystratégia . Next in line is Polish, with French + Romanian now being translated (will be a couple more weeks until we think about starting the last ones – many other projects underway).

Finally, Erika has managed to prize me away from my computer for a weeks vacation... we are leaving very early tomorrow morning and I'll be back in the office on Monday the 27th and start blogging again then (unless I can sneak a quick post in while we are away!!).

GL at the tables, Mark

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