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Mixed Bag Tuesday Post

It was chaos in my apartment over the weekend… the ‘better half’ was storing away here winter wardrobe and bringing the summer stuff out. With moving made difficult by piles of stuff everywhere what else could I do than split my time between working on my websites and, erm, drinking JD? So, a bunch of updates to tell you about today… starting with the Fish-o-Meter!This is a tricky widget to keep up to date. With so many permutations of location / game choice / bankroll there are a ton of entries to change every time the sites change or the ‘softness’ rankings need to be adjusted. What makes this even more fun is that the file which contains all the info is a php text file… just try typing new info into that, where one stray ‘bad character’ will corrupt the whole thing! Anyway – it is now completed, I took out William Hill (replacing them with Titan)… moved Red Kings up a notch for a lot of combinations (IMO OnGame get better and better for non-US players). On the US side I changed the bonus details for Carbon and removed Luvin Poker (who are no longer US friendly)… Americas Card Room are the new kid on the fish-o-meter block – though for the higher stakes games they are really just a placeholder for now – the games are smaller stakes only at the moment. If you have not tested out then click here – if you do not agree with my assessments then I would be happy to hear from you about it!

Carbon Poker And Their New Calculator

Next updates were for Carbon Poker, who have added a poker calculator to their offers for new players. We already have a ‘SNG Planet Special’ which is a 150% to $750 matched welcome bonus + $11 SNG token on top. This calculator looks great, with a lot of the functionality of the popular tools you can buy. I’ll point you to my main US friendly poker sites page where there is more information on this tool.

The Poker Bonus Network

This was an old wordpress site which got hacked, was restored a few months ago, and is now in the process of being updated… There are a lot of quite detailed articles covering the various networks, so it is not just a matter of brushing up the words, research required for each piece. After a ton of updates at the weekend I feel like I am winning the battle with this one at last! Traffic is starting to pick up too, which is always encouraging. I have a plan for 3 more updates a day both this week and next, which should put this site into ‘ongoing mode’ from then on. Still a little work to do on graphics – though I like the clean layout… you can see the results here.

Graphics And Changes To Designs

Another ongoing project which I hope to see some results for this week is on the layouts / graphics side… including the front page of SNG Planet and the new Poker Bonus Clubs template. Do not want to announce before they are done… as bitter experience tells me these things have a habit of slipping! One more thing – I wrote some new material this weekend including a big ‘Tournament Basics’ guide to how the actions of players ahead affect your pre-flop strategy… this is the first of several planned to fill the gap for new players between the real basic stuff and the more advanced strategy. I’ll update our Facebook page each time a new article is put up. GL at the tables, Mark

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