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Jackpot Sit N Goes Come To Full Tilt Poker

My first reaction after playing the new Jackpot Sit N Go games at Full Tilt Poker can be summed up with one word – Twister. Yep, these are more or less copies of the iPoker ‘Twister Jackpot Sit N Go’ concept released a few months ago. They are 3 handed, super-fast and have a randomly assigned jackpot.

I was a little bemused.

Why would Full Tilt, who have been the innovator in poker games for so many years, suddenly become the ones to copy?

After a little pondering the subject I have come to the conclusion that they are certainly owed one!

After all, very few sites have not copied their ‘Rush Poker’ concept. iPoker recently introduced the Multi-Entry tournament idea which FTP pioneered too. Thinking about it, Full Tilt might have been the first to have knockout bounty tournaments too…

The games themselves are fun, fast and not very hard to beat. You get a fast rotating background graphic which stops on the prize pool amount. Most will be 2x the buy-in, they have to be to free up all those 1x buy-in amounts for the bigger prizes. You can get a 2000x buy-in game if you strike lucky (no pressure there then!).

My view is that these are entertaining novelties, just like they are at iPoker.

If you are going to try them out, now is the time to do so.

When a game is brand new, the fish from all sorts of other games go to check them out… after a few weeks, some grinders will have settled in and make the games less profitable.

See for more.

Other Updates At Full Tilt

The world cup has put the brakes on online poker events, and there is currently no FTOPS (including mini-versions) scheduled. I expect we will see a flurry of activity as soon as the football (soccer) is over.

Slots are a new area for this site – though the titles they have are not the best games available. These appear to be Leander Games titles, 5 reel video slots with fun themes (Megadeth, Dolly Parton, Zombie Rush) and multiple win lines.

These are not bad titles, just not quite up there with the latest games (BetSoft and NetEnts games all blow them away).

I know that some poker fans can get ‘sniffy’ when it comes to casino games.

You can think of it like this: For most people, gambling is a bit of fun, it is entertainment money… punctuated by the occasional upswing. This is exactly the type of player that used to make the poker games so much fun. Regular people, who enjoy a gamble playing a few hands of poker…

Things got way too serious out there.

And we really do not need that aloof ‘I’m superior to the gamblers’ attitude any more.

What we need is for people to enjoy the games, feel comfortable at the tables and feel like they got some value for their entertainment budget.

Slots are ideal for this purpose – and with less snooty grinders around, I’d hope that poker could return to this state too!

Anyway… I’ll get off of my soap box, and back to updating this site…

GL at the tables,


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