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5 Famous Business Quotes That Also Apply To Poker Players

I’ll admit it – I’m a sucker for a motivational quote. You know the kind of thing, those little sparks of genius from the great leaders and thinkers of our time. My all-time favorite quote is from Henry T Ford, it goes like this: ‘Whether you think you can, whether you think you can’t, you’re right’. How many people do you know who will end up doing nothing much with their lives simply because society has poisoned them with limiting beliefs??

Anyway, back to poker.

The Mental Toll of Tournament Poker Variance - LOL Donkaments

In the 2nd installment from the world of smaller stakes online tourneys, Matthew 'Yorkshire Pudding' Pitt reflects on the subject of variance.

When poker is going well for you and variance is on your side, it is the best game and easiest game in the world. Your pocket pairs flop sets all the time, your draws come in with alarming regularity and you can read your opponents like you can see their hole cards.

5 Crazy Observations About The Tournaments At Titan Poker

I had already decided to write this post when Planet Greg let me know there are some big changes coming to Titan’s tournaments next month in a software update – in the form of Re-Entry tournaments and late-entry changes. I’ll keep saying it until I am blue in the face… If you want to beat the poker games consistently, you need to choose sites which combine poker, casino and sports-betting. Hopefully, my odd experiences at the tables last Friday will demonstrate exactly why!

LOL Donkaments: Who Will You Meet in 180-Man Turbo Games?

I am happy to introduce a new writer today, Matthew 'Yorkshire Pudding' Pitt has been a blogger and poker journalist for many years, who also plays online poker tournaments. I love his unique style and great sense of humor and have asked him to bring some of his experiences in lower to mid buy-in tournaments to this blog in a new column titled 'LOL Donkaments'. We start off today with a look at the 180 Player Sit N Goes and some categories of opponent you will meet at the tables. If you enjoy this piece, I would appreciate you sharing it!

First Look At The New Party Client + Misc Updates

After a relaxing weekend away, which included an epic bike-ride and too much food + drink – I just had my first look at the new Party Poker client. Looking beyond the rather big cosmetic updates there are some notable additions, and a big focus on ‘gamification’ too. My thoughts on that are below, along with some smaller updates from 888, Carbon and Full Tilt.

Sick Of WCOOP Fever? Try These 5 Alternatives Instead!

Earlier this week I published my thoughts on the best WCOOP satellites. This post is for those readers who either can’t, or won’t play in this year’s World Championship. While the biggest online tournament event of the year gets many of us excited – I do realize that not everybody likes it. So, here we go: Planet Mark’s 5 Alternatives To The 2013 WCOOP!

WCOOP 2013 – Getting The Most From The Satellites

This is the first of 2 posts I am doing this week on the WCOOP… We can call this the ‘positive one’, since later in the week I have a special treat for those unable or unwilling to get involved! What I have done here is to go through the different satellite qualifier options and sniff out some value… Of course, different people have different bankrolls and tastes – so you’ll find a few different options that will keep everyone covered.

Avoiding Bumhunters,Sit N Go Grinders And Tournament Pros!

888 Poker have taken down all their heads-up cash game tables. This was to prevent specialists in this form of poker sitting at a long list of tables, waiting for a non-specialist to arrive while refusing to play each other. Known as ‘bumhunting’, this is a rational enough approach from the perspective of the players – though annoying for everyone else. This article takes a more general view, with some tips and tricks for avoiding bumhunters, smaller stakes Sit N Go grinders and even tournament pros.

Why You Should Avoid Specialists And Pros