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79 Potential Poker Leaks

Had the idea for this post while mindlessly pushing the trolley (cart) around the supermarket yesterday... It is all very easy to say 'you need to plug leaks in your game', the problem here is that newer players in particular might not actually know what kind of thing they are looking for. I have come up with a list of 79 possible poker leaks below, some are broad and others more detailed - it would be great to see a few more added by readers!

A Milestone + Week Ahead

I love a milestone, you see, running poker websites full time is kind of, well, ongoing.... so a nice milestone or two gives you a chance to sit back and enjoy for a moment. We passed 2000 readers for the '$16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint' course over the weekend. Positive feedback continues to appear in my mailbox too, and with the current rates of new readers I'm hopefull we can beat 3000 by xmas...