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Greg And Mark's WSOP Qualifiers Challenge!

And now for something completely different – Greg and I have a bet on. We are going to take a $500 bankroll each and see who can get furthest in this year’s World Series Of Poker qualifiers.

The loser of this bet gets the beers in and will suffer the indignity of an entire evening getting lightly mocked (a time honored tradition which ensures that everyone is really a winner).

At the same time we will keep a diary of how things go on the different poker sites each week… which will be published here on this blog up until June.

First Look At iPoker’s Anonymous Tables – Oops

Anonymous poker games are expanding through the sites at the moment. They started with Bovada (the US brand formerly called Bodog), then Party introduced them for their heads-up games and now Titan / iPoker have them for lower limit cash games. I tried these games out last night, curious as to how if felt / how being anonymous affected my play… unfortunately the first thing I encountered was a glitch!

Euro Vegas + 5 Card Omaha

I’m back in the office after a fantastic trip to Madrid, Spain – where I caught up with an old university buddy after far too many years. Turns out he is living in Alcorcon, a medium sized town (175k people) just outside Madrid itself where the new ‘Euro Vegas’ is going to be built.

It was pouring with rain on Sunday, but being intrepid Brits we were not put off by a bit of damp weather and made our way to a small hill, 20 minutes from his apartment where I took a quick snap of the future site…the left hand side into the distance will be the main building site.

Poker Networks In 2013

I have gone through the main sites and networks, summed up the latest news, added my thoughts on where we might see them going in 2013 – then concluded by highlighting what this means to those us who might like to make a little money, but do not consider themselves to be poker pros!

New Design Project Half Time Report + Preview Of New Look

One word sums up the last week nicely – intense. I’m referring to the ongoing project to transfer SNG Planet to a new design and new back end. The last couple of weeks have featured mixed emotions for me too. Now, everyone thinks that their ‘baby’ is the beautiful one… and while I always knew that this site was not the most visually attractive, I still cringed at some of the older graphics I found while clearing things up here. What I cringed about more was that at some point I thought there were ok, paid someone to sit making them… and even deluded myself that those ‘recommendation graphics’ or ‘new play now banners’ would increase my conversions – argh!So, with a more positive slant – here is what has been going on for the last couple of weeks.