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‘That Bet Is Not Normal’ The Biggest Betting Tell Of All

Hand reading can be taken to many levels, some of the best cash game players can polarize your range, assign each hand a probability and squeeze out a little value on the river regardless of your actual holding! At a more basic level it is often possible to tell a draw from a made hand, even at the lower levels. 

SNG Planet Newsletter For Feb Just Out... + How You Can Get The Next One!

Just clicked the 'send' for this months newsletter - I know, I know, have been slack in sending the news every month... but hey, when you have this many sites to run it is easy to overlook things! Will include the newsletter in this post to give readers who are not yet subscribed a chance to see the kind of thing we send (notice the only links are back to SNG Planet - no spamming!)... check out the 'Comedy Of Errors' sign-up boxes on the homepage and SNG Main page to join the 10,000 (and growing!) people already subscribing....

Ladies And Gentlemen... We Finally Have German!

It has been a long road (well, to be honest it is not quite over yet!), however we are now pleased to announce the German version of SNG Planet is up and running... at least in draft format! You can see this here SNG Planet German! ... all 100 pages! We would still like to ask for a little help with this from any native readers out there... if you would be so kind... now,  let me explain what happened....