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Sit N Go Training Videos – Reviews Of The Latest Cardrunners Videos

Had a couple of weeks worth of Sit N Go training videos to catch up on last night, so I locked myself in my home study and went through them. Some excellent quality as usual, and a couple of different angles to, including 45-player SNGs, 90 Player SNGs + the subject of Downswings… 

My Poker Strategy Content Is Going Deep

Some great new content to announce today – the first installment in a slightly new direction. The thing is SNG Planet already has 100’s of different strategy articles on topics related to SNGs, Tournaments and Satellites… you know the score by now! It is time for a change in approach, so from now on I’m going to take one topic at a time – and go deep!

Folded Quad Aces In PLO Last Night...

Fun post now and a proper one later (have an announcement of some great new content!). Was relaxing, having a beer and playing Rush PLO (just the small stakes one) last night when I actually folded quad-aces... yep, on purpose, after considering all of the other options. Not often you can say you did that! A little explaination of what was on my mind when I made the fold...

SNG Blueprint Course – Member Questions FAQ Part #2

Had a mixed bag of questions from members of the $16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint course since my last FAQ post. Before I start, a quick plug for our Facebook group – which I use to highlight new articles as well as interesting links to articles on other sites, come over and join us! Anyway, on with the FAQ….