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5 Ways To Spot Regulars In SNG Poker Games

Here is a post I have been meaning to write for some time. Many guides and articles (including mine!) will tell you that avoiding regulars, also called ‘regs’, at the poker tables is a good thing. After all, why play the solid and (possibly) winning multi-tablers when there are so many tables with novice / occasional or just plain bad players at them! So, here we go with 5 ways to spot regulars in different sized SNG poker games.

Quick General Update From The World Of Poker

Wanted to update readers on some significant happenings in the world of poker, without becoming just another one of the 1000’s of ‘clones’ re-writing each others poker news! So, I’ll summarize in one post all the recent happenings, and clear the way for a more cheerful ‘look-ahead’ post tomorrow focusing on events in May.