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I know, cheesy rhyme in the title… bear with me for a moment though. It is my job to keep up with the latest happenings in the world of online poker, and, well, to be honest a good 90% comes into the ‘interesting, but meaningless’ category… it is not usable. Then, there is the fact that I want to take a back-seat from being the chef, cook and bottle-washer here at SNG Planet by the end of the year - taking a back-seat role and focusing on the parts I enjoy (ideas and writing). Bringing those two things together lead to the idea of a weekly summary of the poker news which is actually useful for SNG Planet readers… This could be in one of several ways:

EU Financial Crisis And Poker Analogies – They Are Doing It All Wrong!

With Europe teetering on the brink of financial disaster – there are no shortage of poker analogies in the press. Terms like ‘all-in’, ‘bluffing’ and ‘raising the stakes’ have become a regular part of the financial reporters arsenal. In some ways it is great to see how far poker terminology has crept into day to day language. At the same time I can’t help feeling that, well, they have got the analogies and poker references all wrong… In fact looking into the similarities between your average global financial crisis and a game of poker, there are just so many better descriptions and parallels that could illuminate the readers of finance articles. So, putting aside your bluffs, all-ins and, erm, stakes for a moment… allow me to draw some real parallels between Europe and Poker.

Half Time Writing Challenge Update

My 100k words / 100k translations challenge for June is in full flow, despite the occasional pause for the football. I’m actually a little behind at the half-way point, with 41k English words and something like 65k in other languages in the pipeline already. I’m comfortable with this, a lot of planning and researching for new articles is complete… so it is now just a matter of getting those fingers going typing. As a quick aside I was wondering whether a blog post about the challenge should count towards the word total? Hmmm, guess I will see how close it all gets at the end of the month and decide from there.

Why Pokerstars Half Price Sunday Majors Are Worth A Look!

With more poker promotions announced each week that any one player can possibly complete, it is easy to miss out on some big profits. I Think that next Sunday (17th June), the Pokerstars half price Sunday Majors are worth a closer look. There are at least 3 ways I can think of which this particular promo could boost your bankroll – and of course, hitting one of the final tables will make the summer of 2012 a memorable one for many players!

10 Ways To Make Money In The Online Poker Industry

This post was inspired by an affiliate blog I came across randomly yesterday, who listed 10 different ways in which to make money from the online affiliate industry… While this is not really my area (leads / PPC etc), it did get me wondering whether I could come up with a list of 10 ways to make money from the online poker industry… Observant readers will already be able to tell that the answer was ‘Yes’, a blog post titled ’10 Ways To Make Money In The Online Poker Industry’ kind of gives it away, right.

Challenging Myself - Writing In June

There are lots of different aspects of running a network of poker sites, the time can fly by just updating what we already have in place. Yet the one thing I enjoy doing more than anything else is writing. So, for June I have decided to set myself a goal – 100k new words published across my network. No short-cuts, no needless waffle… 100k of good solid pieces of content. As they say on TV ‘That’s Not All!!’….

Dodging The Mother-In-Law – Several Updates – Oh, and $5 Free From Party

We had the mother-in-law to stay this weekend. This involved cleaning being taken to an entirely new level. The kitchen was basically taken apart, down to the individual component level, buffed up very nicely with cleaning products wholly suited to the type of material in question, and then put back together again piece by piece. Of course, this lead that slightly elongated ‘Maaaaaarrk’ call becoming rather frequent – invariably this required moving heavy stuff, performing tasks while standing on ladders or, erm, opening things. My dedication to SNG Planet could not be shaken though – I have managed to update several articles by sneaking into my study when nobody was looking. Not only that, I changed round the Menu for the English version of the site too… that was more than overdue, it even contained a link to an old Stars vs Tilt head-to-head article – oops. (edit, only worked on some pages, so work in progress on the menu change) Here is a list of the major article updates:

Some Theories And Some Updates

Earlier this week it was a little rainy here in Budapest. I went out for one of my usual evening runs, and – as expected – 90% of the usual running crowd were absent. This reminded me of one of my ‘theories’, a mostly useless bunch of observations which I like to collect about the world around us. Since it is Friday I would like to share 3 of these… and also let you know about some updates to articles here at SNG Planet which I have been working on.