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Best Vegas Poker Vlogs

I remember when 'blogspot' blogging was a thing. There were 50 or maybe 100 people posting at least weekly. I started with that myself, with no idea that I’d still be running a network of websites more than 8 years later… these days video blogs are getting popular. Poker celebs have been running them for a while. Negreanu and so on. After following a few regular players, and really enjoying the format – I figured it was time to share my favourites. This post focuses on some Vegas based non-celeb types. I will cover those from other places later. 

Best Poker Vlogs #1 – TheTrooper97

Tim, otherwise known as ‘The Trooper’ has been at it for a couple of years now. No list of non-celeb Vegas poker video blogs would be complete without him. I watch each video, and have found myself rooting for him to win (in general, as well as at the tables!). This guy moved to Vegas, and plays poker professionally (was a dealer too for a while) in addition to some additional vlogging for PokerTube and InterTops. He creates some nice montages of Vegas lights / scenery too,

What I like about this vlog is that you get the real journey – the frustrations, the ups and the downs. You get a lot of coffee too. The Trooper happens to be a likeable character, though I’m guessing he would deny it. This vlog got a lot of ‘hate’ over at 2+2 at one point. Baffles me as to why.

I’m tipping the Trooper for bigger things. My thought is that media is the more likely direction than poker.

Here is a sample video, and a link to his channel on youtube.


You can see the video channel main page here


Best Poker Vlogs #2 – Andrew Neeme

This is a more recent vlog. Andrew Neeme was an online grinder, and has moved to Vegas to play professionally. He plays in higher buy-in games than the other vloggers – and at least in the videos I have seen, he does well. There are some explanations of his thinking of play during hands. This is done with footage from the table side-by-side. This is educational, with Andrew explaining his thinking process at each decision point. Aspiring pros will find this very useful, though it is also entertaining.

Andrew comes across as very down to earth. His video work is high quality, with shots of Vegas and peeks inside some cool restaurants and bars. There are also Q&A videos, where aspiring pros ask questions about the lifestyle and bankrolls etc

The sample video below gets really good at the end (at around the 13 minute mark), when Andrew stops for a post-session glass of wine in a bar with an amazing view.


The main page of Andrew's channel is here

Best Poker Vlogs #3 – Pokerkraut

Out of the current non-celeb Vegas poker vloggers, Kevin, aka the Pokerkraut is the most instantly engaging character. He is always smiling and has a good humoured outlook on life (well, not always, but hey!). As you might have guessed from the name, the Pokerkraut is German. He likes a drink, and to have some fun while playing professionally. You’ll see Kevin and The Trooper crossing over in each other’s vlogs. The guys were colleagues at the Linq poker room before it closed down.

The Pokerkraut only vlogs occasionally compared to the other guys above. I do recommend you check out his work though – that smiling nature can be infectious.

Once more... here is a link to his channel

Honorable mentions

Aside from those there are plenty of others to watch out for outside of Vegas. I like Rayz Rayl - though these videos come in batches with a long wait in between. The transition between poker player and doting dad is excellent. I also find ChipXtractor entertaining. This guy is genuinely funny, and has created a lot of videos of his casino trips. Jamie Staples is excellent too. Then there are all the site pros and celebs... 

I have noted a couple more new vlogs appearing… my plan is to keep an eye on them. After a couple of months it should be clear who is going to carry on and who will not. I’ll post the link to this article on the SNG Planet Facebook Group… if you have any suggestions for individual vloggers worth following, then please feel free to share them.

GL at the tables,


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