January 2011

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What Actually Makes A Poker Room “Best”?

I have favorite poker sites, you probably do too… I go to thinking what proportion of our decisions on where we play is from ‘objective analysis’ and what proportion due to familiarity, loyalty to...

Quick Planet Corp Update / Misc Post

Sending out the monthly newsletter a little early today, for two great reasons! 

Postcard From Phi Phi + Promos Update

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men… When I started my month of island-hopping I was planning to average 2 hours each day keeping the sites up to date. Sitting now on the amazing Koh Phi Phi...

View From The Tables - Playing Poker Recreationally

Another 'View From The Tables' article as promised yesterday. This one is from Oliver from Germany. The article covers some important areas for many players who only play poker a few times a week...

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