Goals For Sit N Go Tournament Players

Achievable Goals That Can Help You Get On The Road To A Bigger Bankroll Fast

With 2020 underway, I have given this article a refresh. The fundamentals of setting yourself realistic targets and then breaking them down into smaller tasks remain the same. What is different nowadays is the need to seek sites with more recreational players compared to pro grinders. Beating tables full of 'regulars' is just making your life difficult for no good reason when there are alternative sites and networks with tons of cross over traffic from sports and casino brands out there!

Many people are excited when they first discover the bankroll building potential of Sit N Go tournaments. With many beginning players at the tables, it is easy to find a profitable edge – and that bankroll can then be used to launch a successful career as a cash game or tournament specialist later. This article fills the gap between that initial realization about the potential of Sit N Goes, and the practicalities of making sure you build the skills (and maintain the motivation) to make it happen! This article goes alongside my free course, $16 per hour SNG Blueprint – in fact I will add this as a new chapter the next time I do a revision!

I'll start with some objectives for our goal-setting. This will the situation we are aiming for. Next the individual things which need to happen will be broken out one by one. Finally I'll bring it together with a wrap up and some encouragement for staying on track.

Goals For Sit N Go Players – Where You Can Be In 3 Months Time

I have seen enough people make the jump to know that even a small bankroll player can be grinding the games 3 months (or less) from now. Depending on the hours you put in you could be multi-tabling the $5s, $10's or even higher.

When you set goals in poker the key factor is your hourly rate. While it is possible to win big in short bursts, these will eventually be balanced by bad runs and leave you with an average which we measure as 'return on investment'.

To set a realistic hourly profit from poker, you need to multiply our return by the number of games played. This is one of the best things about SNGs – you can play a lot of them together. If you play 8 at a time then you should be able to manage at least 12 turbos per hour, do this at a 10% return and you have $12 per hour at the $10 level or at 8% that's $16 at the $20' buy-in games... once you can manage 12 at a time your returns are even bigger. Since this article is aimed at those starting to build that bankroll, let's focus on the smaller goal first. We can always move up later, and $12 extra an hour for a leisure time activity can be pretty handy for many players!

2017 Goal: 3 months time, to win an average of $12 per hour grinding Sit N Goes (stretch target $16 per hour in 6 months!).

Goals For New Sit N Go Players – Breaking Down What Needs To Happen

Right, we now know where we are going… how about how to get there! My list is as follows: We need to ensure we are winning players, learn perfect bubble play, learn to play 8 tables at once and focus on playing against recreational players while avoiding fellow grinders.

Ensure We Have A Winning General Strategy: You are in the right place for this. I'm going to plug my course again if you are not sure you have the key components of a winning Sit N Go Strategy covered. Multi-tabling involves a different approach to the games than focusing on 1 or 2 games, giving up some smaller edges to ensure that you can get a large amount of volume, and you need to understand the right adjustments to make.

Learn Perfect Bubble Play: This is key, unless you know your bubble math backwards you will not succeed in your goal. I recommend you check out the most powerful SNG bubble strategy tool available - ICMIZER 2. When you run some of your hand histories through this tool, you'll find optimal all-in / call ranges for the bubble, and be able to refine your strategy when you get back to the tables. This is a huge edge, which will help you build a bankroll very quickly. See www.icmpoker.com for more information. 

Learn To Play 8+ Tables At Once: Again this can seem daunting if you are new to the game. Once you learn to do it you will wonder what the problem was! I have a multi-tabling guide here at SNG Planet and recommend adding one at a time – starting right now.

Spend Time Working On Your Game: Even after you have the bubble math figured, you will need to spend time working on your game. Those who simply play will get stuck, those subtle leaks and areas for improvement go undetected in the natural swings of the game and eventually they end up frustrated and disillusioned. Going through your hand histories, asking about unclear situations on forums like 2+2, finding spots where your read or calling range estimate was off and back-tracking through the game to see if you missed clues - and of course reading SNG Planet for ideas about how to improve your game can all help. A database of your own hands is collected by Holdem Manager 2 - this is great for identifying those small leaks we all have in our game.

Play Against Recreational Players: Other winners have a huge negative effect on your profits, so much so that as soon as you learn to beat the games, avoiding them becomes your key priority. I recommend avoiding the biggest sites for the time being and focusing on those sites which have big sports-betting brands as part of their network. Whichever site you play on you will need to spot who the regulars are and make some notes on their style and weaknesses. If there are big winners around and they are filling up a set of 8 games then you'll also need to be disciplined enough to wait for them to start playing before you register yourself. Just 3 profitable regulars at a table can devastate your ROI.

For Non-US Players, Titan Poker are my tip for building your bankroll in 2017. Titan are the biggest poker site on the iPoker Network, who are made up of major sports-betting brands like William Hill and BetFair. The cross-over traffic from the sports-betting keeps the poker tables very 'recreational' in nature compared to the 'grinder-infested' games at poker-only rooms. You'll notice the difference to your profits from day 1.

You can claim an extra $20 cash in addition to your 200% welcome match at Titan, with bonus code SNGPLANET - I will ensure that the $20 is paid into your player account within 48 hours of that first deposit. Check out www.titanpoker.com for yourself!.

Titan Poker - a lot of recreational SNG players

Summing It Up – Making Your Sit N Go Goals Into A Reality

Once you break down what you need to do to get a consistent bankroll building income from Sit N Goes it becomes very easy to achieve. The one thing that is missing is a little discipline from you - not just to play, but to keep working on your game and discovering new areas for improvement. Put it this way, bad players blame the 'fish' for their troubles, good players love the fish, and spend time working out what is the best way to beat them!

I strongly believe that if you have the discipline and motivation, then $12, $16 or even more per hour is easily achievable. Grab your $16 per hour Blueprint course now and start on the road to a fat poker bankroll!

Sit N Go Bankroll Management Blueprint Banner

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