Full Tilt Poker Steps SNGs

Guide To Steps At Full Tilt Poker + Comparison With Other Sites

Planet Mark's Notice: Full Tilt has now merged player pools with PokerStars... you can still use the great software, and will now reach an even bigger selection of games. I am not sure whether the Stars' steps will take over, or whether both will be available. The bigger choice has to be great new for Full Tilt Poker players!

Full Tilt were a late entrant to the Steps SNGs market. As you will see they have come from nowhere to win my personal endorsement for the best Steps Sit N Goes around. This guide will take you through what is available and the prize pool structure. This is one of 5 individual guides which are linked to my ‘Complete Guide To Steps SNGs’ article – giving SNG Planet readers the very best in info and strategy on this topic

Steps SNGs at Full Tilt Poker

I have followed the standard format to help readers make easy comparisons between the sites. To start I’ll go through the buy-ins and prizes. Then any specials including points alternatives and tokens. Finally a quick comparison of Full Tilt vs the rest of the sites offering steps.

For those who have not already discovered Full Tilt, this site is recommended for a number of reasons. Fantastic tournaments and SNGs are key, including the profitable 90 player knockout Sit N Goes and the popular Rush format. The software is great too. Their promos and one-off offers are world class too – I recommend that you check out Full Tilt Poker for yourself soon!

Full Tilt Poker Steps SNGs – Buy-Ins + Games Available

Games available are NL Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha. Within these you will find 3 speeds – standard, turbo and super-turbo. There are also several sizes of game, ranging from 4-player (2* heads-up) to 6-max and 9-max, then 18 (2 tables of 9-max) and 36, which is a 6-max 2 round double shootout.

Buy-ins start low, which is great for smaller stakes fans, with the step 1 games being $3+30c and a special $1+10c super-turbo qualifier which pays 30 people a step 1 ticket too.

Here are the levels for Full Tilt Poker Steps SNGs

  1. Step #1 - $3+30c
  2. Step #2 - $8+70c
  3. Step #3 - $24+$2 (some at $25+$1)
  4. Step #4 - $69+$6 (some at $72+$3)
  5. Step #5 - $200+$16
  6. Step #6 - $600+$40
  7. Step #7 - $2000+$100

Steps SNG Tournaments At Full Tilt Poker – Prizes And Tokens

While the prizes at step 7 are awesome $12,000 packages to the live tournament of your choice (called the ‘Winners Choice’ prize), for me the best thing about the prize structure of fulltilt steps is that you can cash out anywhere from $26 to $215 in the form of a tournament token. These are not exchangeable for cash or transferable, so you must use them for entry into a tournament. Once you see that the $26 / $75 levels are the standards on this site for many of the evening an weekend guarantees – and the $216 will get you into the ‘big one’ which is the Sunday $750k guaranteed, then you will see what makes the Steps at Full Tilt particularly attractive.

Full Tilt Poker Steps SNGs – How They Compare + Next Steps

I made steps my top choice on as part of the Ultimate Guide To Steps SNGs article, and can still not see any other site which comes close. Full Tilt have the volume of players to make these games work – and offer tournament fans the opportunity to take part in many of the huge guaranteed prize events in the MTT section. If you are only going to play Steps at one site, then Full Tilt is my top choice by far!

Take advantage of the 100% matched sign-up bonus today and check out the awesome list of promos and offers -  visit  Full Tilt Poker now – I’ll see you at the tables!

Step SNGs at Full Tilt Bottom Banner

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