How to Multi-table SNG Tournaments - Part #2

Continues Our Look At Multitabling Sit N Go Tournaments By Looking At
Practical Considerations In Table Layouts And Timings.

Part #1 looked at SNG ROI and the simplified poker decision making required to successfully multi-table SNG Tournaments. This part takes a more practical view of Multi-Tabling SNGs… looking at screen options (Tiled or Cascaded Tables) and play options (Sets or Continual Play).

Best Setup For Multi-Tabling SNGs - Tiled or Cascaded?

The question here is whether to have the SNG tables tiled on your screen in such a way as to see all at once (whether there is overlap depends on how many SNGs you are playing and screen size) or to have them all on top of each other (cascaded).

Tiling has its advantages, by having all the tables visible you are able to spot any particularly interesting plays when you are not in the hand (first hand all-ins for example). The other advantage is that you can pre-select the fold button easily before it is your turn to act - which gives you more time to focus on the hands you are involved in.

The disadvantages of tiling revolve around the sheer amount of information available... there will be so much going on in front of your eyes at any one time that it can be difficult to know what to focus on. You may be drawn to one table with particularly fishy opponents or one where your cards are good - to the potential detriment of the others.

Cascading tables is usually done in such a way that the top of each table is visible. As it becomes your turn to act the table in question will automatically come to the front. If you need to act on 2 or more tables at the same time then the table header will usually flash to let you know. Many people pull out tables where interesting hands are going on and then put them back into the cascade afterwards...

Advantages here are that you are able to focus on the hands better - since you only have one table to think about. Disadvantages include the danger of 'losing a table' (personally seen this happen to many a SNG multi-tabler) when you do not act in time, and the fact that you need to reassess the stack sizes / who has acted / position and cards from scratch each time. This can be a great way of avoiding the information-overload associated with tiled tables though.

There are a couple of points here... firstly that tiling is more dependant on your screen size and number of tables played - up to 6 tables this is usually a good choice as there is not too much going on to distract you from good play. As you move up then cascading may become optimal, the advantages of seeing all of the tables diminishes in relation to making good decisions for the hands you are involved with over time.

How to Multi-Table Sit N Go Strategy Blueprint

Best Setup For Multi-Tabling SNGs - Sets or Continual Play?

This is the other practical decision... do you start all your SNGs at the same time, or start a set number of them and then add more tables as you bust out??

Sets have the advantage of having the blind levels at the same general level. Since this is an important factor in your decision making you have simplified things a bit. Sets also mean you are not so likely to get into the position of having 6 bubbles / heads-up matches at the same time. Since errors can be more costly at this point you may not want the distraction of 4 more tables at the earlier levels.

Continual Play has one big advantage - more SNGs per hour! You will need to balance this with having many tables at different blind levels, this puts an extra decision before each action of course - you need to ask yourself where this particular SNG is in terms of the stages of the game.

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