Carbon Poker Review 2016

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Review Of Carbon Poker – The Best US Friendly Site In 2016?

Important Update Mid 2016: Carbon Poker have now closed their doors to US players are appear to be winding down their operation. This is a real shame, as the software, service and games were excellent not too long ago! I will keep you updated should anything come up, though for now I can no longer recommend this site. My strong rec for 2016 in the US-friendly field is BetOnline Poker. This site is part of the long running sports betting giant, and features some very soft games and generous promos too. BetOnline are part of the Chico Network, which has now taken Carbon's place as the 2nd biggest US player pool. Check them out for yourself at or you can read my detailed BetOnline Review here

Planet Mark’s Summary: US players finally have a site worth playing on! With awesome software, generous bonuses and a big choice of games - you will find this site is less of an 'also ran' and more a 'must see'.

Carbon are the biggest site on the Merge Network and feature peaks of more than 7,000 players. You will love the unique player controlled animations in the software, and enjoy the growing selection of soft mid to lower stakes games and busy tournament listing.

An easy and safe choice for US players seeking online poker games – make sure you check out the awesome Carbon Poker for yourself now.




Below you will find my detailed Carbon Poker review, fully updated for winter 2015. First the different types of games are covered, then the software and the bonuses available. You can find my summary and usual 'Planet Mark's Verdict' at the bottom of this page.

Carbon Poker are currently the 2nd largest online poker site accepting US players. They are the biggest site on the Merge Poker Network, a group of brands who share a common software back-end and pool together their players to offer more games and tournaments. With peaks rapidly approaching 7,000 players, this site have enough liquidity to offer a great range of games, generous incentives and some great promotions too! What I like best of all about Carbon is their software - which keeps the games fun and friendly by allowing players to trigger animations by typing certain words into the chat box. As all poker players know, a fun game can be very profitable indeed!

Note that Carbon recently pulled out of many smaller Eastern European markets, then (because of the new licensing regime) have also pulled out of the UK.

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Carbon Poker Review 2016 - Spotlight On Cash Games

Cash games, especially at the lower to mid buy-in levels are thriving at Carbon, with heads-up, 6-max and the 9-player full ring tables each with a long list of active games. NL Holdem is of course the main game, with blinds starting at 5c / 10c and a choice of tables up to $3 / $6 - there are higher levels than this, your best bet for these is the US evenings and at weekends.

In addition to the Holdem variations, you can find a busy Omaha selection (both High and Hi-Lo) plus Stud in several formats and Draw (including Badugi). Mixed games are also offered though they are quiet outside of peak times.

One thing to note about the cash games (well, games at Carbon in general) is that they are far more 'recreational' in nature than at the old US sites. While you do find the occasional multi-tabling grinders, the vast majorty of players just want to relax, 'gamble' and hope to run good!

You can get a state-of-the-art poker calculator packed with features on top of your 100% matched welcome bonus + calculator (and now $10 in SNG tokens on top) with coupon code FREESNGPK - these tools usually cost around $100, and this looks like a fantastic example. Click here to see the details at the Carbon Poker website.

Carbon Poker Review 2016 - Spotlight On Tournaments

Once a poker site reaches a critical mass of players, their tournament listings can expand rapidly - in terms of buy-ins, game types and structures. Carbon Poker have now reached that point, and while the majority of tournaments have smaller buy-ins, the choice (and number of higher stakes games) is growing all the time.

Sundays sees the showcase $150,000 guaranteed, which has a $215 entry fee (plenty of satellites to win a seat!). Other bigger buy-in events come in the form of weekly satellites for live events, which pay out their $12k+ prizes in cash. There are also a number of higer buy-in games through the week, including the $215 entry, $30,000 daily high-roller events.

For the rest of us there is a packed schedule of smaller guarantees, with rebuys, turbos, PLO and 1R1A events all competing for your attention. If you were used to multi-tabling tournaments then I recommend running Carbon and Bovada together for more choice. If you just enjoy a few tournaments at a time then Carbon offer a great - and growing - schedule! What is best of all... as the number of players at this US friendly site continue to grow, the tournament schedule is going to get even better.

Carbon 2015 Tournaments
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Carbon Poker Review 2016 - Spotlight On Sit N Goes

As regular readers will know, I have a separate list of SNG-specific site reviews. For now I'll give you the highlights which include: Soft games, turbo, hyper-turbo standard speeds, a nice selection of heads-up SNGs and best of all - some of really good Double or Nothing SNGs! Read my Carbon Poker SNGs review here.

Carbon Poker Review 2016 - Software And Playability

There are some great features in the latest update of the Carbon Poker software client. Though these days the lobby is getting a little too crowded for my taste. The poker game tabs have gone, replaced by check boxes and drop-down lists... Its almost like the designers were so focused on the features of their search that they forgot to make it easy for first time players. Having said that, the selection boxes do work well once you get used to them.

On the plus side, the 'animated smileys' which you can trigger from the tables by typing special words and phrases into the chat box are great! These range from simple smiles to complex animations (head-banging panda, huge pile of dollar bills and a shark eating a fish should give you the idea). Now, some people will mock these animations and not get involved. That is fine with me, what they do is make the games more fun for the recreational players - and we all know that fun games are profitable games, right?

Second, the new and more simple design for the tables takes away a lot of the clutter and options that were there before. These are fully resizable and very easy to play at, even for multi-tablers.

Note: Carbon now have a responsive mobile site which allows you to play cash games on your iPhone or Android smartphone. This is limited to 1 game and 6 max tables at the moment, though I found it very easy to use.

Carbon Poker Review 2016 - Bonuses, Incentives And Promotions

You'll get a lot of bonuses at Carbon Poker, who do look after their regular players really well. I'll split this section into 3, first the intial welcome bonus, then the ongoing rewards and last a word about the large number of 1-off and special promotions.

As a new player you can claim a fantastic exclusive welcome bonus, which is a 100% match on your first deposit (max. $1k), $10 extra in coupons and a free calculator on top. All you have to do is use Carbon Poker Coupon Code FREESNGPK when you register your account.

Ongoing benefits come in 3 types. First are regular reload bonuses, which give you top ups for depositing more into your account. With a little money management this is basically a freeby for those who are playing at Carbon anyway. Second is a loyalty scheme which keeps changing at the moment, the tiers and compexity has now gone, with points focusing on tournament entries instead. Finally there are leader-board contests occasionally, sometimes for cash game players and sometimes for Sit n Go and tournament fans, if you are a higher volume player these can add a lot of extra cash to your account.

Promotions are always tricky to cover in a review, since by their nature they are one-off. What Carbon Poker do is to tie their special promotions in with sporting events or holidays. Many of these are 'challenges' in which you have to complete certain goals to move up the payment ladder. There are also plenty of opportunities to qualify for big live poker events at Carbon. I'd rate the promos as 'very good' and the combination of bonuses, ongoing rewards and promos together as 'excellent'.

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Carbon Poker Review 2016 - Summary And Planet Mark's Verdict

One thing that stood out for me recently playing at Carbon Poker is that there are a lot of non-US players at the tables, in addition to the large numbers from the US. This shows that even with the choice of just about every poker site, worldwide players still choose to play at Carbon.

There are some great reasons for this with cool software, big bonuses and a good (and growing) game selection. As 2015 goes on the number of games and tournaments on offer should grow further - making Carbon a great place to play.

This is by far the best US-friendly poker site - with nobody else coming close. Check out Carbon Poker (link / banner removed for now due to payment issues) now, and start taking advantage of those bonuses and soft games - and grab your free calculator while the offer lasts!!!

Update Mid-2016: Carbon appear to be winding down, my suggestion is BetOnline as a great alternative. 

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