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Step Back to the 1950’s With This Quirky Online Slot

Atomic Age Slot Review Rival GamingYou’ll see an intro video which includes a huge pink Cadillac, rocket on it’s way to the moon and distinctive 1950’s single story house while this slot loads. The design captures those optimistic years of the 1950’s and 1960’s. The reels are set in a wooden TV style cabinet and include more icons from that age. How many slots do you know that combine TV’s, jello and space rockets in the same game.

There are two bonus games. These are picks rounds, though manage to be quirky and interesting enough to break up the simple base game nicely. One involves a date at a drive-in cinema. The other involves picking some distinctively 1950’s food items. The way wins are calculated in that one will make up smile!

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Base Game Setup for Rival Gaming’s Atomic Age

Compared to many Rival Gaming online slots, this one is simple and solid. Circular symbols line up 3 to a reel, and there are 5 reels in total. Only 15 win-lines cross these reels, lower than for most games these days. The good news is that that leaves plenty of opportunities for the wins to be larger than you’d find on a 40+ line (or all-ways) slot.

You get to choose the number of lines, select the number of coins, and choose your coin size. Auto play options are also included.

Rival Gaming Atomic Age Reels

Rocket Ships and Deserts: The Winning Symbols

UFO wilds have the biggest prize by a long way. When you consider the top prize of 7500 coins is based on a spin amount of just 15 coins, you’ll see how big a difference those lines make. To get those 7500 coins you’ll need to line up 5 UFOs. 4 of them are worth 1500 coins, with 200 for 3 and 10 for just 2.

These are wild symbols and will substitute for any of the regular symbols to create wins. The only symbols not included for substitution are the cash register and pink Cadillac bonus symbols.

Next on the pay table comes the space ship and atom symbols. These have matching prizes of 500 coins for 5, going down to 25 coins for just 3. A satellite, TV and record player come next. Smaller wins come with sugar-fixes. These are a bottle of soda, ice-cream desert and plate of jello (jelly for non-US readers!).

Bonus Games: Date Night and Cash Register

In the days long before internet dating or Tinder, you had to ask in person for a date! If you hit 3 of the pink Cadillac symbols, you’ll get to go on a date of your own. This is a quickly and entertaining picks game. First, you choose your character (a man or a woman), then you pick your date, then you pick which movie to watch at the drive-in.

Your prize will be based on how successful your date was! This is essentially a random prize, though the picks do keep things entertaining.

The cash register bonus is even more quirky. You need 3 or more of the special cash register symbols to trigger this. You then go to a scene with 2 shelves full of food and other items. Think canned ham! Your task is to pick 4 of them. Instead of a prize for each, which would be standard for most slots, the game pays differently. You get prizes based on how close the total price of your items is to $1.50c.

There are also scatter prizes for either bonus symbol. If you get 5 in view on a single spin, you will win 50x your total bet size. This is 2x for 4 and 1x for just 3.

Pay Table for Atomic Age Rival

Golden Age of Space, Atoms and Big Cadillacs Design

This is an older slot in the Rival Gaming range, so the graphics are not as detailed as some more up to date titles. I love the intro video, which sets the scene nicely. The reels are designed to look old school. By today’s standards, this is a little plain. Behind the reels is a brown colour, and the symbols are rather muted.

There are some on-theme sounds, like the buzzing of the TVs when they line up for a win. A quick big band style trumpet bust sounds for other wins.

Graphics are deliberately old style for the bonus features. The date game sees some thought gone into the characters. I am really not sure if any of the foods from that era would be considered healthy today!

Wrapping Up: Will the Atomic Age Slot be a Blast for You?

Compared to some rival gaming slots, this game is on the simple side. The graphics are showing signs of age beyond the deliberate retro looks! Having said that, the quirky mix of rockets, UFOs and jello is certainly unique.

Game play is also simple. There is the chance to win big from the wilds in the base game. You will not find any new behaviour in the base game – just a solid, playable game.

The two picks rounds will keep you entertained. A 1950’s date-night, plus picking unhealthy food stuff is not your normal slots fare. This slot is a refreshing change from the usual themes, though is unlikely to blow anyone to the moon!

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