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A Month Off Of Pokerstars + WSOP Satellites Are Back!

Yesterday I published a list of the poker sites and networks along with estimates of their traffic on a blog called ‘The Poker Bonus Network’ which I am in the process of renovating at the moment. Seeing Stars with 3x the traffic of Party and iPoker, and then those sites having 3, 4 and 5 times the traffic of the next tier of operators (everest, microgaming, 888 etc) brought back some of my feelings of Pokerstars-related discomfort which I have blogged about before. So, I decided that April will be ‘Alternatives To Pokerstars’ month for me – and that I will not play there at all. In fact, I’ll add Party to that list right here and now… Titan Poker will survive, at least until their tournament super-sale promotion is over!What I plan on doing is having a look at some of the smaller to mid-sized operators which do not make the headlines quite as much and seeing what they have to offer in a little more. Betfair will be a good starting point, I have been meaning to get some more info on this site up here for more than a week now and will get that task prioritized. 888 are really moving forward at the moment too - so I'll redeposit there and see what I can do. It is not that I am anti-Pokerstars… their software is great and promos world-class… it is just, well, I worry that being able to smash the competition that easily isn’t suffocating the business a little.

WSOP Satellites Are Back For 2012!

Right, some more cheerful thoughts – qualifiers for this years World Series are underway already at some of the major sites. I already brushed the dust from my satellites section and added 3 new articles, one for Party, one for Titan and one for Poker. These include a new section on pros and cons at the end… this is to help you make the right choice – I don’t want to do what other sites are doing and making every site ‘fantastic!!’… we only have so much time and / or money – so we should make sure it gets to the right place. You can see the updated page here – this will be updated each week as more qualifiers begin. Stars usually do there qualifiers after the SCOOP, so the month off should be well timed. I’ll try a couple of qualifiers this coming weekend… well if I can get out of the planned trip to Austria to a massive outlet village mall thingy which I accidentially promised to accompany the better half on after a couple of drinks…

GL at the tables, Mark

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