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Quick blog post today, marking the ‘launch’ of my newest project – a pro poker training site for Russian speaking players.  This project has been in the making for a while now, and is a partnership between myself and Vladimir – a Russian online pro who has also been our main writer for the Russian sites for some time. I should also shout out to Rich, a long-time contributor to this site and poker player / coach, for contributing some 180 SNG videos with more in the pipeline!  We are keeping things simple to start with, players can get access to a number of top quality videos by signing up with one of 4 partner sites. We have kept the monthly points requirements low (many Russian players deposit in cash via WebMoney and large sums are not always available) and will keep adding more and more videos as our user-base grows.  

You can see the site at  Pitching to poker players who are looking to improve their game and profits – rather than explaining the real basics to new players – is new in the Russian market. We are aiming to fill a gap and to roll over the profits into creating new material and getting more online pros involved. I’m looking medium-term for this project, and hoping to become the go-to training site for all Russian-speaking players around the world…  That’s not the end of the plan though!  Once we have proven the concept and ironed out any issues there are many more languages ready and waiting for quality training material.  

You see, just because people from country X (pick one of many!) can understand English well does not necessarily mean that they prefer training in this language. As we go into next year we hope to offer training in several languages – the first fully international poker training site! Once we reach a certain size we hope to be able to get some ‘names’ for each country involved in creating the videos.  Still plenty of work to be done, from continuing to work on the site through to expanding the training content… I do have a great feeling that this is the start of a huge project though!  

GL at the tables, Mark

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