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10 Reasons I Am Looking Forward To The Return Of Full Tilt

No, none of them concern either my money or yours – this post just lists some of the games / practical reasons that Full Tilt was once such a cool site… I am looking forward to them coming back for professional reasons too – it is just that listing the games brings back those happy memories…. So, here we go with 10 reasons I am looking forward to the return of Full Tilt Poker from the perspective of a former tournament / SNG player there!

#1 – FTOPS, the Full Tilt Online Poker Series used to roll around every few months with a huge list of big buy-in tournaments hosted by different pros. Satellite qualifiers for them were very busy and the fields soft (thanks to qualifiers like me, probably!). No need to wait half a year for the next one like the WCOOP and SCOOP – the next one was scheduled right away!

#2 – Mini-FTOPs, the same schedule, 10% of the buy-in – running a week after the big events closed – those fields were huge and quite a few smaller stakes players had their poker careers changed by those tournaments.

#3 – Rush Poker Tournaments: Sure, Zoom has taken over as the best fast poker game… though no tournaments as yet (unless you count the free ones over at Terminal Poker). Rush tournaments were cool, with the final table reverting to normal play… I should note the graphics for the final table too, remember those spotlights??

#4 – Avatars: Of course you are too cool to care, it’s the poker, huh? Whatever, I thought they were great, and changing the mood to angry / happy etc was a way of having some fun at the poker tables without pissing anyone off. I’m going to abandon my turtle and choose fresh when Full Tilt come back!

#5 – SNG Madness: These were regular events and great for SNG fanatics… there were series of 2 hour leaderboards through a weekend, split by buy-in. You played a ton of SNGs and got cash, a big tournament entry ticket and, erm, Full Tilt caps from the lottery, haha!

#6 – The Sunday Brawl: The ‘Major’ of Knockout Tournaments, this one was a $240 buy-in with a $40 bounty. There was a leaderboard for the most knockouts which I recall awarded entries into next week’s events… This was the biggest in a large selection of knockout tournaments, starting at $3ish!

#7 – Steps $24 Tickets: These were great, you played the $8 Steps SNGs, won a $24 ticket and then could enter any tournament with that price. Since the tournaments were standard buy-ins - $3  / $8 / $24 / $68 or something similar (it has been more than a year, so might be a little off) you would find a nice selection for your steps tickets – and the steps themselves were nice and soft too.

#8 – 90 Player Knockout SNGs: These were listed on the top of the tournament lobby (much like the 180s on Stars) and so got a lot of traffic, ranging from $3 to $48 they were very soft and great fun – since they only lasted a couple of hours these were ideal to unwind with a beer after a hard day of writing content… I think this should be my number #1 pick really, they were great.

#9 – Nose Bleed Cash Games: Even someone as cynical as me got tempted to check out $100k+ pots being pushed around by the nosebleed pros… amazing stuff, was made amusing by the amount of beggars in the chat box, though I seem to recall they got rid of those. Would be nice to see a resumption of these games… which have never felt quite the same over at Stars.

#10 – Innovation: Yeah, ok, a cop-out… an ‘and everything else’ entry. Then again, think of the list… On-demand tournaments, Matrix SNGs, 10-game mix, Multi-entry tournaments, points happy hours (everyone has them now), cap-limit cash game tables… I’m sure I will remember a few more as soon as I hit the publish button – though you’ll get the idea, hopefully the innovators are still working for them and we will see the results of a year’s scheming! By the way, I will be covering Full Tilt in several languages on other sites in my networks - including Russian and Hungarian - just in case ;)

GL at the tables, Mark

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